I love art, science, engineering, design, music, imagery, lighting, and just making cool things.  I enjoy exploring the interplay between usually separate engineering and science disciplines that when combined, produce truly new technologies and solve previously difficult or seemingly impossible problems, or just to create unique art.  I utilize both new and old technologies to craft my projects in unique and artful ways.  I hope that sharing my creations will inspire others to learn and study technologies with an eye on artful elegance...  to help continue the arts.


There is so much to learn and create and share, but so little time in which to do it...



Aron was born in Virginia, 1960.  Growing up in Kempsville, Aron was always curious about almost everything – especially light, sound, and art.  His Hungarian parents, grandparents (who were Blacksmiths, Clock / Instrument Makers, Machinists, and Artists), and just about everyone he could learn from, helped shape his abilities.  Self-taught in electronics, Aron continued his studies and eventually received a degree in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  He worked as a lab technician for the Physics department while he was an undergraduate. There, he built precision laser systems, electro-optical, and electro-mechanical devices for several of the atomic spectroscopy labs.  One day, in a darkened physics lab, Aron was simply awestruck with the color and beauty of laser light, shadows, and shifting light flares.


His life has been spent mastering how engineering and science disciplines are intertwined.  His skills include scientific glassblowing, multi-material machining, 3D CAD design & finite element analysis (including magnetic, optical, electro-static, and thermal FEA), woodworking & cabinet making, mechanism & electro-mechanical design & assemblies, opto-mechanical design, mold making, precision sheet metal design & layout, analog / digital electronics design & PCB layout, optical & laser system design, and microcontroller & computer programming.  A large amount of his time has been spent learning the machining methods, material processing techniques, and related skills that allow these arts to be combined and used effectively; especially when it comes to Optics and Laser Art.


Aron’s first job out of college was at Audio Visual Imagineering, eventually becoming the R&D Director.  His Laser Show industry contributions over the last 30+ years are extensive.  Millions have seen the results of his work at planetariums, festivals, events, and trade-shows over most of North America, including Europe, and Japan.  Since then, he has consulted with many companies, helping push technology forward, with a constant eye on Laser Graphics and Art.


Aron has numerous patents, including 3D Image Reconstruction, Image Stabilization Systems, Autostereoscopic Cameras, 360 Degree Laser Projection Systems, to name a few.  He has been an invited presenter at Lucasfilm / Lucas Arts / Kerner Optical, SPIE (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers), and ILDA (International Laser Display Association where he was a founding member of the technical committee). 


Aron has received various awards and accolades, for example the International Laser Display Association (ILDA), First Place “New Technology” Award 1990 “Wide Angle Scanning”, as well as various other 2nd and 3rd place Awards, throughout the 1980’s (to the 2000’s), the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) 1991 “Best New Technology for Exhibit” Award for "Laser ChromaDepth™ 3D", and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) “Best of Show” in 4 Categories (First time in the trade shows history) 2005, "Autostereoscopic 3D / Moving Optical Element Lens".


Aron has also worked with multiple Oscar Winning Cinematographers, including 2016 Oscar Nominated Cinematographers (Ed Lachman - ASC) and he has presented technology to the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers).  The lenses he created are available for rental through Claremont Camera (Hollywood).  Aron created special “in camera” optical effects for the motion picture “Selena” (starring Jennifer Lopez), “Why do Fools Fall in Love” (starring Halle Berry), and has screen credits in several other motion pictures, as well as done TV commercials.  He has also authored papers on Solid State Laser Systems, and Parallax Scanning Lenses.  Aron was also co-developer of ChromaDepth™ (color depth 3-D technology) for use with printed material, video/computer display, and of course laser displays.


During his day job, Aron is a Researcher and the Sr. Electro-Mechanical Engineer for a local Orlando aerospace company.  At night, Aron still pushes the boundary of technology in Laser Art and Laser Display Systems.